Corkscrew's Famed "Super Ghost" Orchid in Bloom!

Photo by: Rod Wiley

Corkscrew's Famed "Super Ghost" Orchid in Bloom!

Nine flowers on Corkscrew's famed "Super Ghost" orchid are in bloom, and the plant is displaying multiple buds promising a more lavish display of flowers on this rarest of orchid species.

The "Super Ghost" is high on an ancient bald cypress tree ¾ of a mile out on the Corkscrew boardwalk. Area biologists have nicknamed this specimen the "Super Ghost" because of its size and multiplicity of blooms. Ghost orchids typically have between one and three blossoms per year, if they bloom at all.

There is also a smaller ghost orchid getting ready to bloom on the "Calusa" tree, one of the 12 Landmark Cypress trees identified by Corkscrew in honor of this year's 60th anniversary of the saving of its old-growth, bald cypress forest. The orchids can be seen from Corkscrew's boardwalk using binoculars or a spotting scope. Binocular rentals are available at the admissions desk. Serious photographers should bring powerful telephoto lenses.

Corkscrew's staff is on "orchid watch" for blooms on the second ghost orchid, and is updating the Sanctuary website and Facebook page on a regular basis with ghost orchid news. See <>

The ghost orchid, preyed upon by poachers, was the subject of author Susan Orlean's book The Orchid Thief and the subsequent movie Adaptation. The ghost orchid (Dendrophylax lindenii) is an extremely rare, epiphytic orchid that grows without leaves on the trunks of trees in a small concentrated area of Southwest Florida. The plants are usually only visible to intrepid adventurers who must hike through hip deep water in the area's cypress, pop ash and pond apple sloughs to reach them.

"People are fascinated by orchids, and the super ghost orchid is one of the rarest specimens. The great appeal of Corkscrew's ghost orchid is that it is visible from our public boardwalk, and this particular plant has a history of displaying multiple flowers at once and blooming multiple times in succession, which gives people more of a chance to get to Naples and see it."
Jason Lauritsen
Director, Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary

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