Tip Sheet for Tourism Star Award Nominators

Let’s assume that anyone you feel is good enough to be nominated has certain qualities, such as a positive work attitude, a smiling face, and a knack for making their guests comfortable and happy. In fact, these things are EVERYONE’s job. Some suggestions are:

Focus on specific examples, and include descriptions as much as possible. People like to hear stories. Use a quote from a guest comment or letter specifying a specific incident or service that the employee provided. “Always kept our room clean” is not as exciting as “made a different special animal sculpture each day out of towels for our toddler.”

Mention a specific time when she or he went WAY above and beyond like working a double shift for a colleague who had to leave for a family emergency, or driving across Alligator Alley to return a valuable item that a guest left in their room, in time so they had it before boarding their plane at Ft. Lauderdale International Airport.

Highlight something very creative that they came up with that improved your business. Examples include a service idea, a marketing idea, an event, a better way to repair something, a solution to a logistical problem, or a suggested new menu item.

Describe an example of the time they “saved the day,” for example, what they did to turn an unhappy guest into a happy one? Tell the story!

Instead of saying they’re loyal or a long-time employee, give specifics about their many years of service, and make it personal. For example: “He’s been driving to work 50 miles round trip from Immokalee every day for the last 10 years.” Or “She came to us as a housekeeper, the young mother of a four year old daughter. Over the last 20 years she has earned her way through the ranks as Head Housekeeper, inspiring that daughter, now 24, to pursue a hospitality career. Her daughter is now building a career in our marketing department.” That’s a story!

Use descriptive phrases in your nomination form when talking about something they do or did in the community. How you word it is important! For example:

Good: He volunteers for Habitat for Humanity.

Better: He has sacrificed this year’s vacation time volunteering for Habitat for Humanity.

Best: He has sacrificed this year’s vacation time volunteering for Habitat for Humanity. He’s part of a team that has built five houses for Habitat for Humanity over the last three years.

Remember that you know these people – the judges probably do not. Bring them to life and make the judges fall in love and vote for them!


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